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Scientific Testing, Analysis, and Research of the Paranormal
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STAR Paranormal

Our Mission: To understand the cause(s) of alleged paranormal activity that is reported around the world, and through these uncommon, unexplained occurrences, find a deeper understanding of the laws of the natural world.

A little bit about us

We are a group of educated people who believe it is arrogant to dismiss claims and observations without investigating them. We investigate both public and private properties, with the permission of the landowner. All information and evidence is kept private unless we are given permission to display it on our website.

We are happy to investigate private homes if you are experiencing unexplained phenomena. Normally there is a rational explanation for these experiences, and we will do our best to put your mind at ease. If we cannot find an explanation, we will launch a full investigation of the property and design experiments suited to the situation to help us determine the cause of the experiences. While we cannot guarantee that we will always find the source or be able to get rid of activity, we will work with the property-owners until an acceptable conclusion is reached. Our service is always free.

In the end, our goal is that of research. We hope that, through our own designed experiments and statistical data, patterns will emerge that might give us some solid, reproduceable information about the circumstances that allow alleged paranormal activity to occur, so that it might be predicted. This would get us one step closer to understanding the natural processes that lead to these phenomena.

Evidence Verification

One thing that sets us apart from other groups is our Evidence Verification feature. We realize that being part of an investigation and the atmosphere it creates can make us biased. People tend to see patterns in randomness when they are primed to do so.

As such, we don't claim anything we find as evidence until it has been vetted by people who don't know us or the situation in which the evidence was collected. That's where you come in!

On our left menu, you'll see a button called Evidence for Review, which will then give you a choice between the three most common types of evidence found during an investigation. Go to these pages and look at the files we've posted there. These are things that WE believe are evidence of the paranormal, but we will not tell you why. Fill out a quick form for each piece of evidence telling us what YOU see or hear. If everyone tends to hear or see the same thing, and it is unexplainable, we will then accept that piece as evidence. But if everyone hears or sees something different...well then the piece of evidence is just too open to interpretation, and it will be thrown out.


The Experiments link to your left will take you to our page of ideas. Here, we describe the hypotheses we've made about how certain unexplained phenomena might happen, and then describe our proposed experiments to test our ideas. Some of these experiments are ongoing, and some have not been started yet.

I must stress that so little is known about these happenings, that our ideas are always changing based on what we see. You might even see conflicting ideas presented on this page. That is because we have not collected enough evidence yet to prove or rule out either one. Subscribing to one explanation and ignoring others could result in a biased interpretation of any results we collect.

Otherwise the website is pretty easy to figure out. Thank you for stopping by, and please feel free to drop us a line by leaving a comment, submitting thoughts on our evidence, or using our contact form!

"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." - Albert Einstein